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Dinardaraan : Pork Blood Stew w/ Sayote

This is another Ilocano way of cooking dinuguan or dinardaraan in the Ilocano vernacular.    For those who are not familiar about what I am talking about,  Dinuguan or dinardaraan is a Filipino blood stew.  I have defined dinuguan / dinardaraan in our post Dinuguang Baboy (Pork Blood Stew) but I will repeat it here, so here goes.  Dinuguan (dinardaraan in Ilocano) or blood stew is a popular dish in the Philippines in which the major ingredient is animal blood, and meat and / or innards and entrails.  The name dinuguan come from the word dugo which is the Filipino word for blood that is also called as dara in Ilocano. Please read my post Dinuguang Baboy (Pork Blood Stew) to know more about dinuguan / dinardaraan.

Dinardaraan of the Ilocanos however is different from that of the dinuguan of the Tagalogs. Dinuguan is soupy maybe because the Tagalogs wants to dip their puto in the blood soup.  Dinardaraan however is dry that it contains chunks of coagulated blood. The recipe of pork blood stew I cooked a few months back is a dinuguan as it is soupy (check our post Dinuguang Baboy (Pork Blood Stew) ) that may be was the reason why my siblings and husband didn't like it.

Dinardaraan, like any other dishes, can be cooked in several ways depending on the preference of the cook or those he/she has to feed :-) This recipe of dinardaraan is just one of my father's (Pappy) many versions.  I said many because he had been cooking different kinds of dinuguan for as long as I can remember.  For this version, he added diced sayote.  When we still have papaya trees in our backyard, he uses green papaya instead of sayote.  

The pork blood we buy from the wet market has already been mixed with vinegar but Pappy will still put additional vinegar and also vetsin and salt.  This dish is savoury and a bit sour.



Pork belly, sliced into small bites - 500 g.
Sayote, dice in small pieces - 1 medium 
Green chilis
Garlic, crushed 2 bulbs
Onions - 2 medium

Ground black pepper
Fish Sauce
Salt to taste
Magi Magic Sarap
Vegetable Oil
Water - enough to cook the pork

Pork Blood Sauce:

Pork Blood
Cane Vinegar 
Vetsin (ajinomoto)

Cooking Procedure:

1.  Mix the blood with the rest of the ingredients for the blood sauce.  Beat it until it is bubbly. Set aside

2. In a pan, put the pork belly and water enough to cook the meat until it is tender.  Slow cook over medium heat until the meat is tender.  Drain the pork.  

You can set aside the pork broth, store it for future use.  I used the pork broth for my

3. Heat the oil in a pan and sauté the crushed garlic until they turn almost brown, add the onion, then add the cooked pork meat. And pan fry it a bit.
4.  Add the diced sayote and season it with fish sauce, magi magic sarap, and salt if needed.  Simmer for a few minutes.
5. Pour the blood on the meat-sayote mixture and stir. Let it simmer until most of the liquids have evaporated.  
6. Add the green chili and simmer for another 2 minutes.


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