Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Paksiw na Saluyot

My husband is currently cooking paksiw na saluyot.  He'll be bringing it to their office for his dinner since he is already tired and cloyed of the curried dishes, specially curried chicken served by the caterers in their office.   It's a good thing that those meals are for free :-)  otherwise, he'd be ranting about it every time we talk on skype.  ALSO, he wants to share his paksiw na saluyot to his colleagues to let them taste what Filipino, Ilocano vegetable  dish, to be specific,  is all about. Yes, he is in Qatar.  And, yes, we are talking right now on skype.

Saluyot, for the Ilocanos, refers to the leaves of the jute not the okra (lady finger).  Saluyot may be regarded by some non-Ilocanos as ordinary weeds as it grows abundantly anywhere as long as there is a good soil, whether in a dry or wet environment.  

What is saluyot if you may ask.  Here's a good answer from the website of the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI)  click here for the link to the website

... it is rich in beta-carotene for good eyesight, iron for healthy red blood cells, calcium for strong bones and teeth, and vitamin C for smooth, clear skin, strong immune cells, and fast wound healing. In other words, saluyot is a nourishing green leafy vegetable. Secondly, it is the legitimate source of the world's raw materials for containers of rice, corn, sugar, mongo and other commodities.

Saluyot is a leafy vegetable popular among Ilocanos, pasao, pasao na bilog or tagabang among Tagalogs, and lumbal, sumpa or panigbin among Visayans. Saluyot is easy to propagate, you can start harvesting the leaves after one month. It is easier to plant saluyot than any other crop since you don't need pesticide and fertilizer to grow the crop. 

Paksiw na saluyot, by the way is an authentic Ilocano dish.  Here's the Husband's recipeAND he'd been gushing as to how delicious this is :-) 



Saluyot (jute) leaves, young -  1 bundle
* Padas (fermented fish)

Garlic, crushed - 5 cloves
Onions, diced - 2 medium
Black Pepper, ground
Magi Magic Sarap
Water - just enough to cover the jute leaves - 2 cups

*  Frederick cannot find any bagoong so he used padas instead.  BUT if you have bagoong  you can use that.  You can also use plain fish sauce too.

Cooking Procedure:

1. Pour water in a pot, add the garlic, onions, Magi magic sarap, and ground black pepper.  Bring to a boil.
2. Get 2 spoonful of padas (fish and sauce), place it in a bowl.  pour a small amount of the boiling water and mash the padas fish.  Strain to remove the fish bones.  Mix the padas liquid with the ingredients in the pot and bring to a boil again,
3.  Add the saluyot and cook it until done.
4.  Add the vinegar and cook for a minute.  


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  1. hi thanks for sharing this recipe im an ilocano currently working here in dubai.i am craving to have this meal luckily i found saluyot leaves at dear father used to cook this as plain saluyot paksiw during my school days but i dont know how to cook il try hope i can make it perfect.

  2. Hi Ilocana here, thanks for sharing the recipe, i was planning to cook this evening just bought the leaves in Al Meera yesterday and i really craving for it. Wish me luck.

    1. agyamanak kenka for dropping by our website :-) addaka Qatar kabsat?

  3. Wow this is great! I miss saluyot so much! And i just find some of them here in City Center, Kuwait! I'll be havin a delicious dinner tonight!