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I was hesitant to post this entry on a shark recipe cooked by my husband’s uncle because “shark eating” is a sensitive issue and I don’t want to offend anyone regardless of their beliefs.

Battles have been fought in many countries as to the legalities of eating sharks.  Some countries have already banned shark fishing, finning, and of course eating (Bahamas, Maldives, Honduras, Palau, etc.) but in some countries like the United states, it is still legal.  In the Philippines, I believe, some organizations are already lobbying for the banning of shark fishing.

There are a few marine species on the brink of extinction and one of them are sharks.  I’ve read in the national geographic that in 10 years time, there is a high possibility that shark will go on extinction.  Sharks are predatory animals that provides balance in the marine ecosystem, and with them gone what will happen to our oceans and seas?  Some will argue that there will be other species that will evolve to maintain the balance but why do want that to happen right? One colleague of mine argued to me a few years back that sharks are there for people to eat, and shark reproduces so there will always be shark.  She was actually trying to justify the logic behind eating shark fin soup. 

Of course shark reproduces like most animals on earth, but do the number of offsprings a shark can bear throughout it’s lifetime enough to replace those that dies or killed by humans?  According to the national geographic,  sharks live a long life, yes, but sharks take years to reach sexual maturity and bear few young/s. That already explains it.
I am no hypocrite to say that I haven’t tasted shark because I did.  I had tried the shark fin soup out of curiosity and I didn’t like it because there is nothing extra-ordinary with it’s taste and besides, what can I get with just the fin?  I also tried eating baby shark dishes which was cooked by Frederick’s uncle (this dish I am posting).  I like the taste and how it is cooked but I think other white fishes can be used for this recipe instead of baby sharks.

As I have said in one of my posts before,  I am against eating animals that are at the brink of extinction no matter how they taste like.  That’s why I do not encourage eating sharks, baby sharks and all and I am against shark (or any other fish at that) finning because shark’s carcass are often left to rot behind.  It’s a big waste not only of potential food but also of species.  
We human still have other options to eat.  Let's not use this to justify our deeds.  There are a lot of poultries, fishes, animals, etc.  that are bred for human consumption so why feed on those animals that are almost extinct?  I hate those who do it just for pleasure, fun, specially for money. 

BUT if a person is left with no other choice but to eat a shark for survival specially if he/she has no other means to feed him/herself or his/her family, that’s another story (I used the word FEED as I meant it to be literally that and not SELL so they can buy other food for them to live and survive)

MY PLEA - I urge you, my relatives and friends to be more environmental responsible and help save the shark community and other animals that are at the brink of extinction .  You can help to their conservation by not eating and buying sharks (or any of these animals) from any mongers (large and small) 

If you are a small fisherman, we understand that you have no other choice sometimes but if possible try to avoid fishing on sharks and other marine animals that are on brink of extinction.  There are still other marine animals that are in abundance in the sea/ocean.  SO PLEEEAAASE STOP EATING SHARKS AND OTHER ANIMALS/PLANTS THAT ARE IN DANGER OF EXTINCTION.

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