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Ginger Tisane (Salabat)

Our parents will always brew ginger and let us have it drink it whenever I and my siblings have colds and flu.   We are also "forced" to drink it whenever we have sore throat or when my siblings have tonsillitis. It’s a simple yet effective home remedy that I grew up with.   As a kid, it's taste disgusted me a lot.  I usually bicker and argue with my Lola Paring or Mama whenever they demand me to drink a cup of hot salabat.  Only recently did I appreciate salabat as it helps me by relieving my abdominal cramps, indigestion, and bloatedness.

Ginger tisane refers to ginger that is brewed.  It is known among Filipinos to be salabat .   Ginger is considered as and herb and with it comes numerous health benefits.  Aside from treating and preventing colds and flu and sore throat too, here are a few of the health wonders we can benefit from ginger:

  1. Ginger is beneficial for the digestive system : it is often used to calm an upset stomach due to its anti-spasmic (carminative) properties thereby providing relief from bloating and gas and prevents vomiting and nausea.  Thus it is often used to treat several stomach illneses like dyspepsia, colic, and indigestion.  However, too much of which may damage the lining of the stomach (6 grams or more is considered as high dosage).  Ginger also contains special enzymes that helps process protein in food thereby aiding in the digestion.
  2. Ginger helps stimulate the secretion of mucus thus helpful curing  cough and colds and soothing sore throat.  It is also this same properties that provides protection to the lining of the stomach, preventing ulcers or any unwanted abrasions/holes.
  3. Ginger root has natural anti-inflammatory properties and is beneficial for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, osteo arthritis, and other muscular inflammations
  4. Ginger also contains anti viral, anti toxic, and anti-fungal properties
  5. It can also act as antihistamine  thereby aiding in the treatment of allergies
  6. It is also proven to help lower cholesterol levels and to prevent the formation of blood clots
  7. It also alleviates headache
  8. And last but not the least, it will help give you a “golden voice” :-)
Our father often encourages us, actually forces us to drink salabat for us to have a good singing voice.  I think I never did listen to him as a child that’s why my voice is like this L



Ginger, thinly sliced - 2"Lx1"W
Water - 700 ml

Cooking Procedure:

1.  Combine all the ingredients in a pot and bring to a boil.
2.  Boil for at least 15 until the liquid turns pale brown.

Serve hot as is or flavored with sugar or honey.  I often drink it every after meals at least twice a day every day.  It is refreshing and relieving specially with my tummy :-)

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