Saturday, 19 May 2012

Fungi Herbal Soup

© Fresha-licious :Frederick's Fungi Herbal Soup

My apologies for being an absentee blogger for more than a week.  well, I can't bring my brains to work on anything specially that my abdominal pain is getting a bit unruly, unmanageable, and very painful.  My husband has been admonishing me to go back to the gastroenterologist.  Well, I don't seem to find that necessary.  I can get through this I know.

But, I've also noticed that I became physically weak.  My endurance diminished by 90%.  I can jog without stopping for a straight 3km but now, I barely can walk 1 kilometer without pausing to take a rest.  My appetite is affected too. Every food I taste seem to be bland.  I crave for something to eat, the problem is that I don't know what that "something" is.  May be I'm craving for pork since the last time I had pork was last month and we've been eating fishes, veggies, seafoods, freshwater shells, and chicken only.  Frederick banned red meat specially pork.  I think abstaining from pork is a bad idea because I always dream about crispy pata and lechon kawali.  I'm sorry if this entry seem to be incoherent I'm still in pain :-(

Anyway, this is a dish cooked by my husband for me as he knows that I can't digest meat including fish sometimes.  So he was caring and thoughtful to make this great soup.  It's tummy friendly and the soup is really refreshing.  The combination of the Chinese herbs he used is so nice inside my stomach.  It was just bland though as we are also reducing our sodium intake.  Frederick had kidney stones.  We found out about it when he consulted a doctor last Monday (a bloody urine and sharp abdominal pain prompted him to do so)  He was scanned and there we saw the stone.  He was advised to consult a specialist (Urologist or nefrologist) but he decided to take matters in his own hands.  He was able to take out, urinated, his kidney stones through natural remedies. I'll discuss that in another entry soon.

Let's see this delicious soup made by my husband.

© Fresha-licious : I added egg noodles to the Fungi Herbal Soup while Frederick had it with steamed wholegrain red rice



Shitake Mushroom - 100 g.
Enoki mushroom - 150 g.
Brown Clam Shell mushroom - 150 g.
Fried Puff tofu, quartered
Fish Cake, sliced thinly
Water - 750 ml
Magi Magic Sarap - 2 tsp
Salt and ground black pepper to taste

Chinese Herbs
Chinese Angelica Root (Dang Gui)
Chinese Wolfberries (Gou ji zi)
Chinese yam (Huai Shan)
Solomon's Seal (Yu Zhu)
Lily flower

Cooking Procedure:

1.   In a casserole or pot, place the water and the herbs and bring to a boil.
2.   Add the rest of the ingredients except for the fried tofu and let simmer until the mushrooms are cooked.
3.  Add the fried puff tofu and remove from fire.

Serve with steamed wholegrain red rice or noodles

© Fresha-licious (19May2012)

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