Sunday, 1 April 2012

Pork Tocino-Ham

Yup you read it right.  A preserved pork that taste like tocino and a ham in one bite.  How's that? Ask my husband.  He made the recipe and I'm sharing it to you right now.  

By the way, I had pork tocino for lunch yesterday.  I marinated the pork some days ago using a commercial pork tocino marinade mix - McCormick Tocino Seasoning that Frederick brought back from the Philippines.  The taste turned out to be sweet yet short of the tocino flavor.  It's the same ready-to-use mix though, that Frederick used for this pork-tocino-ham recipe.



Pork, sliced thinly - 500 g.
McCormick Tocino Seasoning - 1 pack
Ascorbic Acid (500mg) -1 tablet
Ground Black Pepper

Curing / Preserving Procedure:

Mix all of the ingredients and marinate the pork for at least a day before cooking.  Place it in a plastic resealable bag.  You can keep any remaining uncooked marinated pork in the same plastic bag and store it in the refrigerator.  It will last for as long as a month

Cooking Procedure: 

Cook it the same way as you cook a tocino.  See the cooking procedure in our Home-made Pork Tocino

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  1. o akala ko ba puro seafoods at veggies ang diet mo ngayon? hehe!

    1. tinatamad kasi akong magisip ng lulutuin at para din maubos yung mga prineserve namin sa ref hehehe

  2. kelangan talag may vitamin C?

    1. hi :-) you can omit it from the recipe if you like but you have to cook it immediately. Ascorbic acid kasi is good to add when curing meats due to its antioxidant properties. It prevents oxidation in the meat, para hindi maglasang rancid or mag-iba yung lasa nung tocino lalo na pag na-store ng matagal. And also it enhances the color of the meat, mas nagiging orange-redish.