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Vegetarian Sautéed Mung Beans

I had ginisang mungo (sautéed mung beans) for lunch and dinner today.  Yup we already posted a recipe on sautéed mung beans (see ginisang mungo), the difference however is that, this recipe is vegetarian.  I never thought of cooking anything that is purely vegetarian.  Yes, we do cook and eat vegetables but most of the time we add pork or beef or chicken or fishes or seafood in it.  I don't like to eat pure vegetables unless there's meat that goes with it.  The truth is, I find pure vegetarian food tasteless, and the mere thought of it  makes me lose my appetite.  Well, that was before :-)
This is my first time to cook a pure vegetarian dish using legumes and eat it too without any meat on the sides.  Why I decided to do so?  Well, first of all, my tummy has a hard time digesting the pork I’ve had for lunch last Saturday and Sunday that’s why I don’t want to eat pork this week, I'll reconsider that during the weekend though.  I don’t like chicken nor fish with the mung beans.  The taste is just different and the thought of the combination makes me yak. Shrimp? I’m trying to stay away from shrimps right now.  I have rashes on my legs again because of the peanut butter I guess.  And I want to cook legumes so that I won’t just be depending on fish, chicken, and pork for my protein needs.  So I decided to cook it this way - vegetarian.  And well, it may not taste the same way as when I add pork in it but it still tasted great.  The key is in the sautéing I think.

By the way,  this is part of this weeks meal plan (see week 3)Here’s the recipe



Mungo Beans – 150 g.
Garlic, coarsely chopped – 5 cloves
Red Onions, diced – 2 medium
Ripe Tomatoes, diced – 2 medium
Ground black pepper
Ground white  pepper
Salt to taste
Vegetable oil – 1 tbsp

Cooking Procedure:

  1. Wash the mung beans and soak it in water overnight (at least 12 hrs)
  2. Transfer the soaked mung beans inside a pressure cooker, add water at least 1 inch above the mung beans.  Bring to a boil under pressure for 10 minutes.  Remove from fire
  3. In a saucepan, heat the oil and sauté the garlic in it until it is almost brown.  Stir in the onion, simmer until it becomes translucent and almost brown, then add the tomatoes.  Let it simmer.
  4. Add the mung beans and the rest of the ingredients.  The mung beans should have a thick consistency with little sauce.

Serve on top a steamed rice with boiled pechay on the sides

Makes 3 servings.  Below is the estimated nutritional values per serving based on the ingredients used. 

Calories          :  109.17 kcal
Total Fat             :  5.4 g
Cholesterol     :  0 mg
Saturated Fat      :  0.84 g
Protein            :  13.93 g
Trans Fat            :  0 g
Sodium           :  798.34 mg
Dietary Fiber       :  9.7 g
Carbohydrate  :  36.51 g
Sugar                  : 2.8 g

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