Thursday, 22 March 2012

Sweet Macaroni-Fruit Salad

We have two versions of this sweet macaroni-fruit salad.  One is my husband Frederick's and the other is my sister Kristine's.  I have posted a few months ago Frederick's - Sweet Macaroni Salad Filipino Style.  I am posting right now my sister's version.  Which one is better? Frederick adds mayonnaise to his macaroni-fruit salad, according to him, the mayonnaise will make it creamier.  Kristine on the other hand uses lots of cream.  I like them both but Kristine's version is closer to my version :-)


Elbow Macaroni - 500 g.
Nestle all-purpose cream - 500 g.
Sweetened Condensed milk -  1 to 2 cans (397 g. per can)
Canned Pineapple slices, sliced into small pieces - 1 tall can
Canned Fruit Cocktail - 1 can (around 450 ml.)
Apple, cubed - 2 pcs
Nata de coco - 200 g.
Cheddar cheese -  200 g. (as desired)

Kristine hates raisins by the way

Cooking Procedure :

1) Cook the elbow macaroni as directed in the package. rinse with water and let it cool.
2) After the macaroni has cooled down, add the rest of the ingredients, combine them all together until they are all well mixed.
3) Refrigerate before serving.
Serve cold :-)

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