Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Four Ways to Cook in a Pressure Cooker

Yes, we are aware that most of you have seen and have used a pressure cooker.  We are just sharing our ways of using pressure cooker so that you will know how to maximize the use of your pressure cooker, just in case you haven’t tried any of these ways.

There are a variety of ways of cooking food in a pressure cooker.  We  have four ways that we have already tried and tested.   Should we come up with a fifth way in the future, we’ll surely be adding it up on the list.

The dishes you can prepare and cook in a pressure cooker ranges from steamed food (veggies, fishes, and meats), soups, puddings, and cakes.
Here’s how we use the pressure cooker:
1. Softening meats through boiling under pressure:  Just add enough water to cover the meat you want to soften.  Bring it to a boil for 10-20 minutes or until the meat achieved the tenderness / softness you desire.  Always start timing when the pressure cooker starts to whistle.  This method is good for soups and stews or just mainly to soften/tenderize the meat.
2.  Steaming under pressure : We use this if we want to steam food the fastest way.  Using the traditional steaming method, it will take 40 to more than an hour just to steam fish.  With a pressure cooker, it only takes 15 minutes and you get an evenly steamed fish, veggies, or meat without turning them every now and then.  
     How to do it?  Fill the pressure cooker with water or juice or any liquid you wish.  Make sure that the liquid will be 1 centimeter below the trivet (the metal plate that serves as a support or stand for steamed goods) Put the trivet in the pressure cooker.  Fill with veggies, fish, meat, or any food you want to steam.  You can wrap the fish or meat with aluminum foil if you plan to steam it with a special sauce or put the food you want to steam in a steaming basket or heat proof dish.  Cover and cook under pressure for the recommended cooking time.  Puddings, steamed cakes, custards can be cooked this way.
3. Braising under pressure :  You can braise fishes or meats under pressure.  Just make sure that you add a small amount of liquid.  I use this method with our Spanish style fish, and sometimes, with our adobo.
4. Baking Cakes under pressure :  I’ve used this method when I was in high school,  because we have no oven.  Prior to that, I bake cake using my Mama Tessie’s large iron pot (kalderong malaki).
This is how you do it:  You must use a baking dish that has a smaller diameter than your pressure cooker. The height of your pressure cooker must be at least 4 times higher than your baking dish.
The cooker should be pre-heated at high flame for at least 5 minutes before putting in the baking dish.
Put the baking dish straight away inside the cooker without using trivet or any iron stand/plate underneath it.  Do not put water or any liquid inside the pressure cooker as well.
Cover the cooker. Bake your cake under medium flame for 10 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the cake comes out clean or with crumbs but not batter.

Enjoy cooking with your pressure cooker :-)

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