Sunday, 18 December 2011

Review : Yum Cha Restaurant

I am writing this review after exactly 2 weeks since I, my colleagues, and ex-colleagues dined there.  That was on a Monday night.  The restaurant is located at Serangoon Garden Country Club.  One of my colleagues saw the restaurant's promotion online wherein Yum Cha is offering 15% discount for a group of 4 persons for their weekday buffet  a la carte promo.  There usual price of SGD 32 ++ per person was given at SGD 27 ++ (per person)  It seems to be a good deal so I agreed to join :-)

I haven’t been to the restaurant nor visited any of its branch but since some of my colleagues had tried dining at Yum Cha, mostly at the restaurant’s branch located in China town, and guaranteed that the food is a ok and acceptable, so why not give it a try, right?

Ambiance :   Yum Cha is a Chinese restaurant and the dining area depicts that with its traditional yet contemporary Chinese design and arrangement – large space, Chinese decors, huge round tables and chairs made of hard wood, and waiters and waitresses clad in Chinese inspired uniforms makes it very Chinese.  Unlike in some other restaurants where you need to shout just to be heard, at Yum Cha, you can just whisper and that  is enough to be part of a conversation.  For somebody who wants  a more peaceful and laid-back place to dine in or for some people who want to have a good talk and dine as well,  I recommend this place.

Service :  The service is ok.  It was fast despite the fact that the restaurant is quite full.  The servers who push the trolleys containing ordered foods are aunties and uncles but their serving pace is quite remarkable.  It takes maybe less than 30 minutes to wait for the dishes we ordered, quite fast for a busy restaurant.  The only downside is that the restaurant crews don’t seem to look approachable and friendly because they do not smile L

Food :  With the promotion package we paid for, we were given an a la carte menu to choose from.  There are quite a few choices at first glance but believe me, you won’t be able to try them all.  You can order all of it more than once except for one category where you can just order 1 dish out of 5 I think- now I forgot the title of the category.   

Rating the food from 1- 10, I’d give them 6-7.  The shark-fin soup they serve is bad since there was no shark fin taste at all.  I'm not a shark-fin soup lover, in fact I don't want it since I am against shark fishing just for the fins.  STOP! I am not going to talk about that here.  May be some other time.  Going back to yum cha, most of the dishes we ordered are ok though.  The roasted duck wrapped in thin pancake-like sheet that comes with a savory-sweet sauce is good. I liked their prawn dishes specially the salted egg-prawn, which became my instant favorite.  Their mango pudding is also delightful.  The roasted chicken is delicious - crispy skin and moist meat, yum. Their coffee pork is very intriguing.  The pork is covered with a burnt-looking caramel-like glaze that tasted sweet with the hint of a coffee.  I will experiment on that some other time.  I don't like the creamy green bean or was it called that?   They have lots more but I gorge on the shrimps.

Over all the restaurant is good, it’s worth my $ 27++.  I will bring my husband there some time.  

PS: Just an advise, when dining at any Yum Cha branch, the peanuts, wet tissues, and teas the crews will serve you, are not for free.  You can return them if you don’t want to be charged extra :-)

Oh, and by the way, I'm not paid nor coerced to write this review.  It's my own honest personal opinion of the restaurant. 

 © Fresha-licious (17December 2011)

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