Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Myanmar’s Green Tea Leaves Salad (Lephet Thoke)

I first tasted this traditional Myanmar salad when we had dinner with my officemates at In Le, a Myanmar restaurant located at the Peninsula plaza at the cityhall area.  And from that moment I loved it. For me, the taste is a combination of nature: grassy, pungent, nutty and seedy yet aromatic with the hint of Jasmine in every bite.  I can even smell the aroma of jasmine being release from my mouth going to my nostrils. My husband Frederick and my sister Kristine do not like the taste, though, including Airene and the rest of my housemates.  They said its bitter to say the least.  I don’t understand their reason but neither do they understand why I like this salad :-(

Just try it.  Foreign food + new recipe = food adventure :-)

Besides, this is a healthy recipe though I used oil, they are healthy oils, and I didn’t have to cook it :-)
Oh, for those interested, fermented green tea leaves and other Myanmar goodies are available at Peninsula Plaza.  Dingdong, which is a mixed nuts product of the Philippines are available at Lucky plaza and at value dollar stores :-)

By the way, Thanks Khin Mar Htwe for the fermented green tea leaves and the recipe


Cabbage, julliened – 20 g.
Ripe Tomato, sliced thinly – 1/2 medium
Onion, diced thinly – 1/2 small
dried edible nuts & seeds ( I used dingdong mixed nuts)

Green tea leaves sauce:

Fermented green tea leaves – 5o g.
Garlic – 7 cloves
Red hot Chilies – 2 pcs
Sesame oil - 1 tbsp
Grapeseed oil - 2 tbsp
Freshly squeezed Lemon juice from 2 lemons
Fish Sauce – 2 tbsp
Salt and Pepper to taste

Preparation for the sauce:

This part I didn’t do because I don’t want to lose any flavor of the green tea.  But for those who wants to get rid of the green leaves’ bitter taste, do step number 1 otherwise proceed to number 2.
1.  rub salt to the fermented green tea leaves, squeeze it to remove some juice.  Wash it under running water to remove the salt and the remaining bitter taste.
2.  Using a mortar and pestle, pound the fermented green tea leaves, garlic, chili, and salt.
3.  Transfer to a bowl and add the rest of the ingredients for the sauce.  Mix thoroughly.  Add more salt and pepper to taste.
You can store the sauce for a week inside the fridge and use it as you want it.

Preparation for the Salad:

1.  Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, cabbage, tomatoes, onions, nuts and seeds.
2.  Add 1/3 of the green tea leaves sauce or as you want it.

My officemate suggested to have it with fried fish and rice.  And so I did and I really enjoyed it so much.

Makes 1 to 2 servings . Here’s the estimated Nutritional values per serving based on the ingredients used.

Calories 150 kcalTotal Fat:  13.97 g.
Cholesterol :  0 mg.Saturated fat :  1.5 g.
Protein :  2 gDietary fiber : 2.26 g.
Sodium :  469 g.Carbohydrate :  7.61 g.

- foodformylove(23November2011)

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