Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Klay's White Loaf Bred

This is a recipe for a white loaf bread developed by our ninang Klay (Priscilla Mimay) which she gave me a few years back.  Klay is one of those Puratos people who had taught me the proper way of baking and appreciating breads and cakes.

Well, she just gave me the ingredients and maybe she assumed that I know what to do with it since we were trained the basic skills of baking breads and cakes.  I was of course.  Puratos provides basic and continuous trainings on breads, cakes, and chocolates to its sales force.  Ninang Klay (Mima), Ninang Bamba (Evelyn Racadio), Kristine (Bernardino), Christine (Paredes), Krisby (Bella), Carla (Valencia), Ivy (Tan), Lolo Claudio (Japus), Ildi (Ducay), Richard (Ramos), and Patrick (Enderes), and the big boss of Puratos Philippines, Bernard (Poplimont) all thanks to them :-)

Anyway, here’s Ninang Klays loaf bread recipe.  She is an avid fan of S-500 (one of Puratos’ bread improver) and so are other industrial bakers because it produces a perfect loaf:  soft bread, better and finer crumb texture of the bread, and a loaf bread that is sturdy and in perfect rectangular shape (not soggy and doesn’t sink in the middle)


Baker’s Percentage
Quantitty in grams
Bread flour
Instant Yeast (Bruggeman brown label)
+/- 55%
+/- 550
Improver (Puratos’ S-500)
Total Dough Weight

Baking Procedure:

Yield  :   4 rectangular loaves
Mixing Method :  Straight Dough
Fermentation   :  90 minutes
Scale                 :  +/- 500 g per loaf
Proofing            :  60-90 minutes
Baking in oven : 180 degrees Celsius for 15-20 minutes

1. Mix all the ingredients in a bread mixer (mixer with the dough hook) until full gluten is developed.
2.  Remove it from the mixer and place it on a floured flat surface and let it ferment for 90 minutes.
3.  Cut and scale into 4 doughs.  Round each dough and form into a ball until the surface is smooth.
4.  Rest for 30 mintues.
5.  Shape into a cylinder and place it in a greased loaf-pan.
6. Proof in a warm area for 60-90 minutes or until it doubles in size
7. Bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 15-20 minutes
8.  Remove from the pan and cool it.

Makes 4 loaves of white . Here’s the estimated Nutritional values per 1 loaf based on the ingredients used.  If you want to get the nutritional value per slice, just divide the nutritional values below by the number of slices you make.

Calories 1,436 kcalTotal Fat:  46.95 g.
Cholesterol :  0 mg.Saturated fat :  10.83 g.
Protein :  32.5 gDietary fiber :  7.5 g.
Sodium :  1,491 g.Carbohydrate :  232.5 g.

- foodformylove(23November2011)

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