Sunday, 13 November 2011

Hot Cocoa-Milk Drink

Having hot cocoa milk for breakfast is a good way to start the day.  But not when you drown yourself in too much sugar :-(   Hot cocoa milk + a slice of apple-cinnamon pie + turon + 2 takoyaki balls dipped in mayonnaise was really a bad idea.  Earlier today, I had sugar overload.  The superlative for overload would best describe my experience. It felt like I’m in a state of being drunk yet sobber and hungry yet full.  I had queasy muscles, specially through my shin and legs, but my brain were energized that I wanted to do so many things.  I kept asking Frederick if sugar can be fermented in the body producing alcohol and making me drunk (that’s one effect too, I became annoyingly importunate.  He just glared at me and warned me to stay away from sweets :-(

I was hyperactively drunk, which is oxymoron  because when one is drunk, his/her motors are slowed-down and if one is on a hyperactive mode his/her motors are energized or sped up.  And I felt both.  But at least, that gave me the energy to last through the whole day of walking and shopping (from ICA to phoonhuat at bencoolen to lucky plaza to plaza singapura) and mind you I still had the energy to bake pizza for supper.  And nope, we didn’t buy a ready made pizza crust.  I made one- by hand :-)

Anyway, don’t be bothered, as long as you don’t combine sweet drinks with sweet food, you’ll be fine.  Too much of everything is bad specially when it comes to sugar.

A cup of frothy hot cocoa-milk drink for breakfast is definitely fantastic.  Here’s a simple and easy way to make one.


Cocoa Powder (Dutch Process) - 3 tbsp
Granulated Sugar - 4 tsp
Full Cream Milk – 300 ml
Water – 200 ml


1. Warm the milk either in a microwave oven or on top of the stove. Do not boil it.
2.  Mix the sugar and cocoa powder.  Place them in a blender, pour half of the warm milk and press pulse.
Blend until the cocoa and sugar are completely dissolved.
3. Add the rest of the milk and water and blend until the mixture is frothy.

Pour into mugs and serve.

Makes two cups.  Here’s the estimated Nutritional  values per cup. 1 cup = 1 serving portion

Calories :   143.8  kcalTotal Fat:  6.45  g.
Cholesterol : 0  mg.Saturated fat :  4.05 g.
Protein :   6.45 gDietary fiber :  2.4  g.
Sodium :  88.5 g.Carbohydrate :  19.45 g

- foodformylove(12November2011)

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