Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Fried Rice with Mixed Veggies

Is it difficult to feed your child or husband with carrots and green peas?  YES.  My husband Frederick never touches the mixed vegetables (usually consist of diced carrots, green peas, green beans, etc.) that I serve specially if there are other food (meat or fish) infront of him .  So to “force feed” him with it, I tried to mix it with rice and it worked!  He eats it, with no complaints :-) as if he has any other choice.

Here’s the recipe for my fried rice with mixed vegetables.



Cooked Rice (use the leftovers) - 3 cups
Mixed veggies – 100 g.
Garlic, chopped – 6 cloves
Fried Shallots (optional)
Salt and ground pepper to taste

** Vegetable oil or Butter
** Note:  you can use vegetable oil or butter depending on the dish you serve that goes along with this fried rice.  I we have fish as main dish or meat with savoury sauces, I use vegetable oil.  But if we have plain fried chicken or fried pork, I use the butter.

Cooking Procedure:

1. Sauté garlic in oil or butter (your choice)
2. Add mixed veggies (make sure that they are thawed) Stir for a few minutes.
3. Mix in the cooked rice and fried shallots.
4.  Season with salt and pepper.

Makes 3-4 servings .  Here’s the estimated Nutritional  values per serving based on the ingredients used:

Calories :   277 / 207.75  kcal                  Total Fat:  5.1 / 3.825  g.
Cholesterol : 20 / 15  mg.                         Saturated fat :  263 / 197.27 g.
Protein :   14.33 / 10.75 g                         Dietary fiber :  1.6 / 1.2  g.
Sodium :  380 / 285 mg.                           Carbohydrate :  42.17 / 31.63 g.


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