Tuesday, 8 November 2011


I’ve been into sweet and soft bread baking during the long weekend so I decided to take a
break from it. And since I was planning since morning to make pizza for tonight’s supper, I decided to make focaccia as the base.

Focaccia is an Italian bread that is flat and often seasoned with olive oil and  topped with onion, rosemary, herbs, and also cheeses.  I was  introduced to focaccia, baking and eating it, when I was with Puratos.  I just love the blending of the olive oil and herb flavours.   It is best recommended to be used for sandwiches because of its firm form and shape and most of all it’s soft texture, and great flavor.  It is this the same reasons why I want it for my pizza.

Anyway, here’s a basic focaccia recipe which is my revised version of the focaccia recipe found
in the book “On Baking:  a textbook of baking and pastry fundamentals”by Sarah R. Labensky (etc.) Yes, I am trying to learn more and improve my baking skills :-) that’s why I’m reading books on professional baking


Baker’s percentageweight in grams
All Purpose Flour100%200
Yeast – blue label
Total dough weight344

Other Ingredients:

Salt (optional)
Olive Oil
All purpose flour for dusting

Baking procedure:

Mixing Method:  Straight dough
Fermentation time: 75-120 minutes
Dough Scale: 344 grams
Proofing time : 30 minutes
Baking : 200 degrees celsius / 20 minutes

1. Mise en Place. Mix all the dry ingredients (flour, sugar, yeast) in a bowl except for the salt.
2. When using a bread mixer, combine all the ingredients for the dough until gluten is developed.  if you are using a bread machine, mix the ingredients of the dough in this order: water, oil, dry ingredients.  Press the dough only function and mix until the gluten is developed
3. Place the dough in an oiled bowl, cover with plastic, and let it ferment for 75 to 120 minutes.
4. Flatten the dough in an oiled baking pan.  Spread more olive oil on the top of the dough.
5. Dimple the dough with your fingers.  Proof it for 30 minutes.

6. Sprinkle with the herbs and salt.
7. Preheat oven. Bake at 200 degrees celsius for 20 minutes or until it turned golden brown

Makes 8  bread slices .  Here’s the estimated Nutritional  values per 1 slice of bread based on the ingredients used, including the toppings:

Calories :   121.75  kcal                  Total Fat:  1.23  g.
Cholesterol : -  mg.                         Saturated fat :  0.18 g.
Protein :   2.7  g                              Dietary fiber :  0.85  g.
Sodium :  197  mg.                         Carbohydrate :  20 g.


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