Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Cooking Terms – I to J


Icing – A sweet mixture used to top or coat baked goods. Icing is another word for frosting.
Icing Comb – A plastic triangle with toothed or serrated edges; used for texturing icings.
Indian Pudding – An old-fashioned dessert, Indian pudding is a spicy cornmeal-molasses pudding which may be served with whipped cream, hard sauce, or cream.
Infuse- To immerse tea, herbs, or other flavoring ingredients in a hot liquid in order to extract flavor.
Inversion –  A chemical process in which a double sugar splits into two simple sugars.
Invert Sugar - A mixture of two simple sugars, dextrose and levulose, resulting from the breakdown of sucrose.
Irish Soda Bread – A traditional Irish quick bread, Irish soda bread uses baking soda as its leavener. It’s usually made with buttermilk and may include currants or caraway seed. Before baking, a cross is sliced into the top of the loaf. According to legend, the cross is to “scare away the devil.”
Italian Meringue –  A meringue made by whipping a boiling syrup into egg whites.
Italian Parsley- Parsley with flat leaves. Italian parsley has a stronger flavor than that of curly-leaf parsley.
Italian Seasoning- A blend of dried herbs, usually including oregano, basil, rosemary, thyme, sage, marjoram, and red pepper.
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Jalapeño – A small, hot chile pepper, usually green.
Jam – A thick, cooked mixture of fruit, sugar, and sometimes, added pectin.
Jambalaya – A versatile Creole dish, Jambalaya is a combination of cooked rice and a variety of other ingredients. It may include tomatoes, onion, green pepper, meat, poultry, and/or shellfish.
Japonaise (zhah po net) –  A baked meringue flavored with nuts.
Jell- To congeal, often with the addition of gelatin.
Jelly- A clear, cooked mixture of fruit juice, sugar, and sometimes, added pectin.
Jelly Roll – A cake made with a layer of sponge cake spread with jelly or jam then rolled up. Jelly rolls may also be filled with whipped cream or frosting. The cut slices have a pinwheel design.
Jicama – A brown-skinned root vegetable with a crunchy white flesh and mildly sweet flavor, jicama is good both raw and cooked. Also referred to as the Mexican potato.
Jigger – A liquid measure equal to 1 1/2 fluid ounces.
Johnnycake or Johnny Cake – A flat cake made from cornmeal, salt, and boiling water or cold milk, usually fried like a griddlecake. Today’s johnnycakes often include eggs, oil, and baking powder. Some versions are baked in the oven like cornbread. Johnnycake is also called hoe cake or hoecake.
Julienne- To cut food into thin, matchstick strips. Julienne strips are usually about 1/8-inch thick, but the length varies.
Jumble – An old-fashioned, rich sugar cookie.

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