Friday, 25 November 2011

Prune Juice - Coffee Concoction for Constipation

The laxative prescribed to me by my gastroenterologist is not working anymore (Forlax - it contains Macrogol (INN) 4000) Maybe I need something "higher".  I've been bulking up with phsyllium husk and I'm still pooping like a goat.  I defecate daily but only a few small stools are eliminated and I don't feel completely emptied inside, my stomach felt too heavy, and the pain in my abdomen is back.   Ok, ok, I admit it.  I've been eating too much red meat lately and a little veggie and no fruits. My bad.  But I still get fiber from the phsyllium husk supposedly, and I'm taking laxative as prescribed, and my water intake is still at 2L ++.  I took prune juice this morning (around 300 ml) but nothing happened,  I had a dose of oatmeal the whole day and I sat, several times, on the toilet bowl in the office just to get it out, but still nothing happened.

So I decided to follow an advise  I read in one forum  at the website of,  that is to mix coffee and prune juiceand and there I had the most satisfying and relieving bowel-movement in 5 days. 


Prune Juice - 250 ml
Instant Coffee - 2 tsp
Hot water - 50 ml

1. Warm the prune juice (warm it in the microwave oven for a minute.
2. Dissolve the instant coffee in the hot water and mix it with the warm prune juice
Drink and get ready for the toilet :-) It worked for me!

- fooformylove(24November2011)


  1. I would call this raktajino.

  2. I just slam a big glass of prune juice then drink 2 cups of coffee. I never make it through the third cup.

  3. Two cups of coffee or one cup of coffee and two prune juice works for me a day only at together.!