Sunday, 28 August 2011

Rosemary-Basil Steamed Chicken

This is one of my steamed chicken recipes.  This was our lunch's centerpiece yesterday along with boiled okra, satay fried rice, and chutney by wellington as dipping sauce for the chicken.


Chicken – 1 whole

Sprite (mountain dew can be used) – 500 ml

Onion, diced -

Rub Mixture:

Salt – 2 tsp

Black Pepper, ground -  ½  tsp

Rosemary, dried – 2 tsp

Basil, dried and ground – 2 tsp

Oregano, dried and ground – ½  tsp

Thyme, dried and ground - ½  tsp

Sage, dried and ground - ½  tsp

Cooking Procedure:

1)     Marinade Chicken in sprite overnight

2)     At least an hour before steaming:  drain chicken and reserve the marinade for steaming

3)     Rub the whole chicken, including the cavity and inside the chicken skin with salt and pepper

4)     Rub chicken again with the rest of the rub mixture ingredients. Let sit for at least an hour.

5)     Pour the sprite marinade and water in a pressure cooker.

6)     Steam the chicken for at least 20 minutes.  Start counting time from the moment the pressure cooker whistles.

This is great with chutney.  Frederick bought this from Africa

- foodformylove(28August2011)

See recipe for satay fried rice here (Satay Fried Rice )

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