Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Pork Sisig III

My husband cooked sisig a few days  ago and he, actually, we weren’t  satisfied about it.  So he is asking me to cook sisig for lunch today.  And so I cooked, despite my grogginess and drowsiness (my cough syrup caused these).

This time, I made do with whatever was available in the kitchen. The recipe is easy and simple, yet Frederick loved it :-) Now he knows I cook sisig better than he does :-)


Pig’s face – 1/3 of it

Garlic – 3 cloves

Pickled Green Chilis - as desired

White onion, coarsely chopped – 1 bulb

Light Soy Sauce – 2 tbsp

Lemon juice – 2 tbsp

Vegetable Oil – 1 tbsp

Frederick's Marinade:

Soy Sauce

Fish Sauce

Salt and Pepper

Balsamic Vinegar


Optional toppings:

Eggs – as desired

White Onions, chopped coarsely – 1 large bulb or as desired

Mayonnaise – as desired

Cooking Procedure:

1) Mix all the ingredients for the marinade.

2) clean the pig’s face.  Remove all hair by either plucking or burning.  Cut into pieces then

3) Marinate pork for at least a day.  We marinated ours for more than 3 days and the flavors really penetrated deep inside the meat.

4) Bake Pork until it turned brown and crunchy.  Let it cool down for a few minutes then chop it into small pieces.  The size depends on your preference.  My husband prefers a bigger size he can chew on :-)

5) Sauté chopped garlic in oil until it turns brown, add the onions and stir until it wilted.  Add the pork, lemon, and soy sauce and stir.

6) Add the chopped pickled chilis. Continue to stir until the liquids evaporates and the pork releases it’s own oil.  Let the pork fry on its oil for a minute or two.

7) Drop eggs on top of the pork mixture if you like.  Turn off the fire and serve

You can add some extra freshly chopped white onions.  I purposely didn’t include it becauseFrederickcan’t eat fresh onions.

Since Frederickand Abaprefer having the sisig without the mayonnaise so I also didn’t mix it.  My sister Kristine and I mixed some mayonnaise and freshly chopped onions on our sisig.

Serve with some boiled okra and pechay on the side


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