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My Way of Losing Weight

I gained weight again after stopping with my weight loss regimen that I started more than 3 months ago.   My husband Frederick did too, obviously, with his bulging tummy sticking out and a triple chin that’s hiding his neck.  So yesterday after our dinner at JustAcia (of course we feasted on delicious Japanese dishes, fried food, ice cream, sotdrinks, sweet teas, coffee, iced tea, chocolate, Me,  My husband Frederick, my sister Kristine and her boyfriend Aba all decided it’s time to lose weight.  We place a wager on the biggest weight loser every month.  We agreed to a bet of SG$ 50 each and the person who sheds the most kilo will be the winner and the winner takes all the bet and the person who loses the least will treat everybody to a buffet dinner.  There, so I need to redo my weight loss regimen again :-) For Frederick, he will do his own weight loss regimen too

My Effective Weight Loss Regimen

I have PCOS (Policystic Ovary Syndrome) that's why losing weight was never been easy.  I've tried different ways to lose weight, from rigorously exercising at a minimum of 1 hour a day 7 days a week doing cardio and a bit of resistance training, I have gotten into a lot of diet programs (GM diet, banana diet, low-calorie diet, no-carb diet, I can’t remember the rest) including starving myself, I have tried slimming teas, L-carnitine’s, and I was willing to try bankok pills or anything that will make me slim, because nothing had been working on me until I researched more on PCOS to understand it better.  When I say nothing worked, I mean, either I lose a little weight like less than a kilo in 2 weeks or worse in a month, or I drastically lose weight in a week or 2 then will gain back the same. I need a weight loss program that will not only let me shed off some pounds but maintain it.

So I started dealing with the real culprit, the very reason why I am still gaining weight even if I’ve done everything to slim down- my PCOS.   I had considered these factors for my weight loss program:

1)     reduce sugar intake

2)     need for more protein in my diet

3)     higher calcium, magnesium, and Vitamin D intake

4)     lower calorie intake by at least 500 kcal per day

5)     increase my metabolism

6)     reduce sodium intake

7)    lower down intake of bad fat

Since I am always constipated I also considered food high in fiber in my diet

And, the real reason I want to slim down is for me to conceive better.  So a more nutritious diet is what I needed that is high in folate, iron, vitamin C, etc. and I know I can’t get that from my new diet considering the above factors so I decided to take multivitamins.

I also can’t do rigorous exercise anymore since I want to conceive.  I only considered light exercise or any physical activities that are light and still will help me burn some calories.

Here’s my special regimen that allowed me to lose 6 kilograms gradually in 2 months and was able to maintain it until I went for a vacation and over indulged in high in sugar and high in calorie food L


Supplements (to be taken daily)

1)     Evening Primrose (GNC) – 1 to 2 capsules for 14 days from first day of menstruation

2)     L-carnitine (GNC) – 1 capsule everyday (stop when pregnant)

3)     Multivitamins for women (GNC) – 2 tablets per day for the first month then reduce to 1 tablet per day for the succeeding months

4)     Zinc – 1 tablet per day everyday



1)     Brisk Walking - at least 30 minutes up to 1 hour at least 3 times a week

2)     Swimming - at least 30 minutes up to 1 hour at least 3 times a week

No jogging, running, weight lifting, sit-ups, crunches, or any physically challenging exercises.


Food Diet

-  this food diet is on a 14 day duration; I had repeated these for at least 3 months

- Eat four meals a day : breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack around 3:30, and supper (eat at least 2 hours before going to sleep)

- avoid foods high in sugar and sodium  as much as possible

- meat and fish portions should be 100 grams only per meal.

- vary amount of calorie intake per day (example:  day 1 - 500 kcal, day 2- 600 kcal, day 3 - 400 kcal etc.)

- first 14 days, maximum calorie intake at 600 kcal per day

- second 14 days, maximum calorie intake at 800 kcal per day

- third 14 days, maximum calorie intake at 1000 kcal per day

- Maintenance 14 days, maximum calorie intake at 1200  kcal per day depending on your desired weight to maintain

- Drink a maximum of 2 liters of liquid per day

14 Days Diet Program

Day 1 to 11

1)     Drink upon rising : 2 tbsp Lemon juice + 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar + 500 ml warm water

2)     Take the supplements with 250 ml water, except for the L-carnitine, at least an hour after No. 1 and at least 30 minutes before no. 3

3)     Breakfast : Food group to meet - carbohydrates.  Freshly made fruit smoothies from 2 pieces of any one of the following apples, oranges, kiwi, pears  or one grapefruit otherwise eat the fruits as is.  Eat only one kind of fruit at a time.

4)     Drink psyllium husk with 250 ml water 30 minutes before lunch :

5)     Lunch :  Food group to meet - Protein, carbohydrates, and fat.  Choices of pork, beef, or chicken (100 g. raw weight) and one kind of leafy vegetable ( I prefer those veggies belonging to the cruciferous group) cooked as desired but must be low in sodium and sugar and definitely not fried.  I sometimes eat rice as long as I still meat my calorie intake limit for that day.  Drink green or oolong tea afterwards, no sugar

6)     Afternoon Snack :  oatmeal only without sugar, milk or anything or just plain green or oolong tea, no sugar

7)     Take L-carnitine 30 minutes before exercising

8)     Supper : Food group to meet - Protein and fat only, no carbo. 100 g. of any kind of fish and any one kind of leafy vegetable; cooked as desired but must be low in sodium and sugar and definitely not fried.  


Day 12-14

It's feast day so I can eat and drink and do whatever I want.  I didn't over indulged myself though during my feast days, I still stayed out as much as possible on sweets specially sugary foods and drinks.

Repeat Day 1 - 14 diet program.

Oh by the way, before I started with my weight loss regimen, I had undergone a 3 day detox program to cleanse my body for better nutrient absorption and to rewire my system and help my internal organs function better.

- foodformylove(29August2011)

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