Saturday, 20 August 2011

How to Split or Butterfly a Fish

This is how to split open or butterfly a fish properly, according to how I want it to be.  Here in Singapore, I do not like the way the aunties and uncles at supermarket fish areas do it - they cut open the fish at the belly part  :-( which I don't like

So here's how I like to butterfly a fish, my husband's way.  I need to butterfly a fish specially when I make daing na bangus or I stuff it.

Things needed :

Sharp knife

Cuttting Board

cutting board


1) First wash the fish, clean and gut it. If it is scaly then you have to remove the scales first (see this How to Clean Scaly Fishes) if the fish has no scales, proceed to number 2.

2) Slice the fish along the spine starting from the tail towards the head. Use the fish's backbone as a guide. Slice the head in half lengthwise.

3) Extend your slicing to 1-3 inches deep depending on the fish. Slice it through the fish's ribs to cut them loose from the backbone.

4) Split open the fish.

- foodformylove(19August2011)

Fish Recipes that needs butterfly cutting :

Daing na Bangus

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