Tuesday, 2 August 2011

How to Clean Scaly Fishes

I actually hate cleaning and gutting fishes that’s why, every time I buy some, I make sure I have them cleaned by the fish vendor or I buy those packed ones.  However, my husband Frederick and my sister Kristine, prefers cleaning the fishes themselves. Kristine, doesn’t want the fish vendor clean it because according to her, they make the fish taste bitter because the bile gets broken in the cleaning process.  Frederickwants the entrails intact because he wants to cook them for pinapaitan (my father also does that)

Anyway, for my know-how, I am posting this instruction on how to clean scaly fishes like tilapia and milkfish.  This is lifted from http://www.ehow.com

Things needed :

Sharp knife

Cuttting Board

Fish Scaler of available (if not, just use the knife)


1) Wash the fish

2) Remove scales by scraping the fish with a fish scaler or the dull edge of a knife. Use short strokes from tail to head.

3) Make a cut from the gills to the vent.

4) Remove the entrails with your fingers. Check the cavity carefully to make sure everything's been removed.

5) Rinse the cavity well.

6) If cooking the fish whole, remove the dorsal fin by cutting along each side

7) Wash the fish inside and out.  Cut as you desire.

8) Cook or store and seal in a plastic bag or container.

Read more: How to Clean a Fish | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_2080_clean-fish.html


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