Tuesday, 30 August 2011

French Toast with Cheese

French toast for breakfast. Frederick paired it with Char kway teow which he claimed to be a good combination.  I didn't try though. I had mine drizzled with honey and I downed it with ceylon tea.  Allen (airene's son) liked it so much that he ate almost four sandwiches (7 slices)

Here's the recipe;:


Slices of Loaf bread

Cheddar cheese slices


Honey or maple syrup or any syrup as desired

Egg Mixture

Fresh milk - 200 ml

Condensed Milk - 100 ml

Eggs, whole - 2 medium

Sugar - 2 tsp

Cooking procedure;

1) Mix the fresh milk, condensed milk, Eggs, and sugar together.

2) Heat a non-stick pan over medium fire.  coat pan with a thin layer of butter.

3) Soak the bread slices in the egg mixture, coating each side fully.  Coat only the bread you can cook at a time.

4) Place the coated bread slices on the pan.  Toast both sides until they turn brown. Place a slice of cheese on top of one browned bread then sandwich it with another bread slice.

5) serve on a plate.  drizzle with honey or maple syrup as desired.


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