Tuesday, 2 August 2011


My husband Frederick and I have been craving for sisig since Friday that’s why we’ve foraged Sheng Shiong at Boonken and the Wet market at Serangoon Central for a pig’s face but we weren’t able to find one.  It was only last Sunday, when we when to Sheng Shiong’s branch at Serangoon Ave 5 that we were able to buy a pig’s face.  So my husband cooked, sisig and dinakdakan yesterday for supper.  Actually, the original plan is to cook sisig but he decided to cook dinakdakan as well since the pig’s face we bought is still enough to make for another recipe.   My post right now is about his dinakdakan recipe.  The sisig is - a different story, but he cooked and served them both to me last night :-)

Dinakdakan, is an authentic Ilocano appetizer that, like sisig, goes very well with beers and any alcoholic drinks.  It is similar to sisig in many ways including sometimes, it’s recipe.  The difference I can think of is that, sisig is boiled, then grilled, then sometimes fried and it is cut in small pieces of sometime chopped finely.  Dinakdakan on the otherhand is prepared like a kilawin, boiled and/or grilled but never fried .  Pig’s brain (humus) or mayonnaise is added as well.

Here’s the dinakdakan recipe ofFrederick,  There are no pork vendors selling pig’s brain here inSingapore so he didn’t put any, not even mayonnaise, though I put some mayo on mine :-)


Pig’s ears  - 2 pieces

Pig’s nose part

Kalamansi juice from 17 pieces

Apple cider vinegar – 4 tbsp

Ginger 4 thumb sizes

White onion – 3bulbs

Pickled green Chilis

Salt and Pepper

Cooking Procedure:

1)     Clean the pork well and make sure the hairs are thoroughly removed.  He burnt the pig’s hair on the stove.

2)     Boil in a pressure cooker for 7 minutes from the time it whistles.

3)     Slice the meat into desired sizes and add the rest of the ingredients.  Mix well. Add more salt and pepper if necessary

This is delicious as it is, but since I want it a bit creamier, I added mayonnaise to the dinakdakan on my plate.

- foodformylove(1August2011)

Note: Nutritional value not available

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