Saturday, 16 July 2011

Native Hot Chocolate Drink

"home-made native cocoa drink"

We brought back native cacao “chocolate” balls  that was made by my husband the Husband and his parents when we went for vacation in Tabuk (Kalinga,Philippines) early this month. (cacao “chocolate” balls -redundant as may sound since chocolate is made from cacao but I insist on using the term as I want to emphasize that I’m pertaining to the finished product from cacao and at the same time distinguish it from commercial chocolates)  You read it right, it is a home made chocolate balls made by the sweat and aching muscles of my husband who did the manual grinding of the cacao seeds using a manual metal grinder.  And it is from  101% real organic cacao seeds that was harvested from the cacao trees that serves as fence in his parents backyard.  The cacao trees have never ever been tainted by any pesticide and non-organic fertilizers.

I will be coming up with a blog entry featuring the “making of a native chocolate balls” J coming soon …

Here’s the recipe for this tasty, rich and thick native chocolate drink (though my husband says that it is not as rich as he wanted it to be)


Cacao “chocolate” balls – 2 pcs

Water – 750 ml

Full Cream Milk – 100 ml / cup  or non dairy creamer – 2 tbsp/cup

Sugar to taste

Cooking Procedure:

1) Boil water and cacao until the cacao is dissolved completely.  Stir constantly

2) Divide the mixture into 3 cups and add 100 ml full cream milk per cup or 2 tbsp non-dairy creamer per cup

3) Add sugar to taste.  Stir.

This is so good for breakfast or an evening hot drink.


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