Sunday, 31 July 2011

Chocolate Cake

I've baked a chocolate cake for Frederick yesterday :-) It's my first time to bake after almost four years of not baking cake. I baked a butter type cake. It was not perfect but the taste is already ok, not too sweet, but it was also not as chocolatey "bitter" as I wanted it to be and the color is not as dark as I foresee it too be.  According to my critics (my husband Frederick and Marco) the texture of my cake is dry.  I agree, I checked my original recipe and the oil and water are not enough to achieve a moist cake.   I also over baked my cake toasting it's outer skin, that's also one factor why it was "dry".I already made adjustments on the recipe below to make it a little moister.

It's also difficult to work on the ingredients I used specially on the ratio of the cocoa powder, baking powder and baking soda.  I bought my ingredients from Phoon Huat (they sell baking ingredients) and the sales crews do not know whether or not the cocoa is alkalized/dutch processed or natural for me to know what to use, (baking powder or baking soda?) or the amount to used for each.  I just guessed it to be alkalized/dutch processed ( I still know the basics of cake baking - thanks to Puratos and its demonstrators & R&D's) Also, I will use corn oil instead of sunflower oil next time for a moister cake that hopefully it will stay moist for like more than 3 days.  Though my cake lasted less than 24 hours without the frosting :-)

I based my recipe on the "original" pound cake recipe (1 pound flour, 1 pound sugar, 1 pound egg, 1 pound butter) Here's the revised version.  Feel free to critic it :-) give me some suggestions too please :-)

Ingredients :

All purpose flour - 250 g.

Dutch processed cocoa powder - 80 g.

Baking Powder (Bake King) - 7 g.

Baking soda (Red man) - 5 g.

Salt - 2 g.

White Sugar - 330 g.

Egg - 200 g.

Sunflower oil - 330 ml

Fresh milk (cow head) - 330 ml

Vanilla Essence (Bake King) - 10 ml

Baking Procedure:

1) Add all dry ingredients together. Mix them together by sifting.

2) Heat the Fresh milk but do not let it boil.  Add the Vanilla essence.

3) Add the fresh milk to the dry ingredient mixture. Beat with a wire whip.  Add the egg then the oil and beat them until the batter is homogenous.

4) Preheat the oven to 250 degrees celsius.

5) Bake cake for 30 minutes.  To check if the cake is done, insert a wooden toothpick at the center of the cake, if the toothpick comes out clean or with a bit of dry crumbs, the cake is already baked.  do not over-bake as I did or you'll end up with a crumbly cake.

My husband wants it with my dark chocolate rum  ganache as frosting (see Dark Chocolate Rum Ganache)


I just want to thank the following for teaching me the joy of baking and appreciating good food :-)

-Christine Paredes, Kristine Bernardino, Krisby Bella, Priscilla Mimay, Lolo Claudio, Sir Ildi, Patrick Enderes, Richard Ramos, and to the big boss of Puratos Philippines Bernard Poplimont

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