Friday, 3 June 2011

A Touch of Health with Orange

Orange fruit is that orange oblong thing found in supermarkets and wet markets or any fruit stands that is a great thirst-quencher and refresher.  The taste is a wonderful blend of sweetness and sourness.  It has a very rich flavor which makes it so popular in almost all culture and is preferred by some, if not most, people of all age group.

Aside from the taste, this oblong goodness comes with  high nutritive values, providing a load of health benefits for the body.  Note that most of the beneficial nutrients and minerals in an orange is found in its peel and inner white pulp.  Here are a list of health benefits that an orange fruit can provide:

- Boost the immune system due to it’s high dose of Vitamin C

- It helps prevent cancer due to its liminoid, flavonoids, bioflavanoids and Vitamin C

- The vitamin C in oranges prevents hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis)

- Orange, the compounds found on its peel, help lower down blood pressure and reduce cholesterol

- Promote good cardio-vascular health due to a good amount of potassium and calcium.

- It has anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, blood clot inhibiting and antioxidant properties that help promote overall health

-Orangeprovide a good source of fiber (2.06 g from a 131 g. fruit) thereby preventing constipation and improving the health of the digestive organs.

- Drinking ½ liter of pure orange juice per day prevents kidney stones.

- The vitamin C in oranges can prevent peptic ulcers and reduce the risk of developing stomach cancer.

-Orangeshelp keep men’s sperms healthy and can prevent genetic damage in sperms which causes birth defects in babies

- Protects and improve respiratory health

- Protects agains rheumatoid arthritis

- Improves the skins condition by protecting it from damage  caused by free radicals

- and most of all it helps to reduce weight :-)

- Foodformylove(03June2011)

Here are my sources.  I recommend that you read on them to better understand the importance of consuming oranges:






amount1.00 each 
total weight131.00 g 
Basic Components
calories from fat1.41 
calories from saturated fat0.18 
protein1.23 g2.46
carbohydrates15.39 g5.13
dietary fiber3.13 g12.52
soluble fiber2.06 g 
insoluble fiber1.07 g 
sugar - total12.26 g 
monosaccharides6.16 g 
disaccharides5.90 g 
other carbs0.00 g 
fat - total0.16 g0.25
saturated fat0.02 g0.1
mono fat0.03 g0.12
poly fat0.03 g0.12
trans fatty acids0.00 g 
cholesterol0.00 mg0
water113.64 g 
ash0.58 g 
vitamin A IU268.55 IU5.37
vitamin A RE27.51 RE 
A - carotenoid27.51 RE0.37
A - retinol0.00 RE 
A - beta carotene51.09 mcg 
thiamin - B10.11 mg7.33
riboflavin - B20.05 mg2.94
niacin - B30.37 mg1.85
niacin equiv0.57 mg 
vitamin B60.08 mg4
vitamin B120.00 mcg0
biotin1.31 mcg0.44
vitamin C69.69 mg116.15
vitamin D IU0.00 IU0
vitamin D mcg0.00 mcg 
vitamin E alpha equiv0.31 mg1.55
vitamin E IU0.47 IU 
vitamin E mg0.31 mg 
folate39.69 mcg9.92
vitamin K1.31 mcg1.64
pantothenic acid0.33 mg3.3
boron-- mcg 
calcium52.40 mg5.24
chloride3.93 mg 
chromium-- mcg--
copper0.06 mg3
fluoride-- mg--
iodine-- mcg--
iron0.13 mg0.72
magnesium13.10 mg3.27
manganese0.03 mg1.5
molybdenum-- mcg--
phosphorus18.34 mg1.83
potassium237.11 mg6.77
selenium0.66 mcg0.94
sodium0.00 mg0
zinc0.09 mg0.6


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