Sunday, 19 June 2011

My Mama's Pinakbet

My housemates cooked pinakbet for lunch today. The sight of it makes me drool. But, due to some allergic reaction I have with shrimp pastes and bagoong, all I can do is just stare and drool at the sight of that delicious looking dish, imagining that I am gorging over a plate of rice with pinakbet mixed with a bit of sugar (sigh) You read it right, I mix sugar with the pinakbet sauce and rice on my plate of course.  I actually do that when I eat any dinengdeng dish.

Now I miss my mama Tessie's pinakbet.

By the way, Happy father's day to all fathers specially to my Papa Ambring, Papa tim, and to my soon-to-be-father husband :-) (i'm thinking positive :-) )

Pinakbet, pakbet is a vegetable dish originating from the northern part of Luzon.  It is  an Ilocano dish.  Ilocanos use "buggoong" or bagoong in Tagalog or Fermented small fish.  My mama also uses bagoong and not shrimp paste.  She has different recipes for pinakbet.  one, using pure veggies which depends on what is available, another is with fried or roasted fish, and another, which my papa Ambring prefers, is with pork.  Whatever pinakbet variation she cooks, I love it.  I just have to take a few antihistamine before eating :-(

Here's her recipe, mind you, I can't cook pinakbet as delicious as my Mama does :-(

Major Ingredients:

Bagoong (fermented fish)

Talong (Eggplant )

Ampalaya (Bitter gourd)

Okra (Lady finger)

sili (green chili)

kamatis (tomato)

sibuyas (onion)

kalabasa  (Squash) or kamote (sweet potato) or gabi (taro)

      with or without the following ingredients:

inihaw na isda (roasted fish) or Pork

Optional Ingredients, depending on the availability :

sitaw (stringbeans)

sigarilyas (winged beans)



Cooking procedure:

1) Using only vegetables or with roasted/fried fish:

- She puts all the ingredients in a pot then add water.  she just let it boil until the vegetables are cooked.  If she opted to add roastedor fried fish, she will put the fish last.  let the pinakbet simmer for a minute or 2 and then serves it.

2) If she cooks Pinakbet with pork.  She usually saute' the pork first until the pork is cooked and tender then she adds the rest of the ingredients.


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