Wednesday, 4 May 2011

My Home-made Sausage : Garlic & Pepper

my home-made garlic & pepper sausage

I made my own home-made sausage during the long weekend.  It’s actually a Marco- Airene (Sarmiento) influence :-) They’ve been making their own longganisa for quite sometime now so I decided to make my own

I didn’t do a longganisa coz it doesn’t taste like one.   I call it home-made sausage, garlic and pepper flavor that is, because, one, I made it at home from scratch using any available spices and condiments in our kitchen, and two, because I stuffed it inside a hog casing for it to look like a sausage and it did.

Frederick will love it :-)  hope so.

Ingredients :

Pork, ground – 500 grams

Beef, ground – 300 grams

Pork fat, ground – 200 grams

Garlic, finely ground - 30 cloves

Iodized Salt - 3  tsp

Sugar - 18 tsp

White Pepper – 4 1/2 tsp

**Moulin Special Grillade (Gigalou brand) – 1/2 tsp

Sweet Intestine / hog casing- less than 3oo grams

**Moulin Special Grillade :  Frederickbought this inAfrica.  I’ve been searching the internet as to the what spices and herbs were inside the grinder so I can have them next time but wasn’t able to find it.

Curing / Preserving Procedure:

1)     Clean the internal and external part of the hog casing with salt and running water to take out the slime and the digested hog food :D Rub salt on the internal and external part of the intestines then rinse it in running water.  Soak the cleaned intestines in water and 2tbsp of salt for at least 2 hours.  Before stuffing the intestine,
remove from the salty water and rinse several times

2)     Mix all ingredients. Let it chill in the fridge for at least an hour. Stuff it inside the intestines/hog casing using an embudo

I need to buy a kitchen aid dough and batter mixer with a sausage stuffer and a meat grinder.  I’d be making more sausages in the coming days.

This recipe makes around 12 pcs at +/- 100 g. each  sausage log. 1 sausage for every serving.

Here's the estimated Nutritional  values per sausage based on ingredients used.

Calories :  377.5 kcal                 Total Fat: 28.33 g.

Cholesterol : 80.50 mg.              Saturated fat :  23.67 g.

Protein :  23.79 g                      Dietary fiber :

Sodium : 1,175 mg.                  Carbohydrate :

- Sharosem(4May2011)

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