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I posted yesterday my recipe on Pork Bistek (Pork Bistek ) so I want to post my own version of the famous “bistek Tagalog”.  Of course, Ilocanos also love this dish.  The marinade ingredient is so much similar as that of my pork bistek,  the only difference is in my cooking process.  Same way that this recipe is also oily  (just take out some of the oil after frying)

Anyhow, here it is.


Beef with small fat , sliced thinly – 500 g.

Healthy oil - 4 tbsp

Onion , sliced into rings- as many as you want

Water – 1/2 cup

Ingredients for the Marinade:

Light Soy Sauce – 4 tbsp

Kalamansi  juice – from 12 small ones

Garlic, crushed and choped - 6 cloves


Cooking Procedure:

- Pound the thinly sliced beef.

- Mix all ingredients for the marinade then marinate the beef for at least an hour.

- Fry beef  in oil until it turns brown. Add the marinate and water
and let cook until the beef is soft and until most of the liquid has

- Top with the onion and turn off the fire when the onions had wilted.

Well, unlike my pork bistek, I can eat this with just any steamed leafy vegetable or brocolli or cauliflower :-)

Similar to my pork bistek, this dish must be eaten only for breakfast or lunch and not at supper time.  For lunch, it can go with a leafy vegetable, and carbohydrate source like rice, carrots, potatoes, etc.

One serving for me should be 100 g. of the raw beef and 150 g. for Frederick.

Makes 5 servings. Estimated Nutritional  content per serving  based on ingredients used:

Calories : 314 kcal          Cholesterol : 84.7 mg.

Protein :  30.5 g              Sodium : 530 mg.

- Foodformylove(29May2011)

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