Friday, 29 April 2011

Stingray in Coconut Milk

During the vacation of my husband Frederick here in Singapore in April, I served him ginataang pagi (stingray w/ coconut milk).  It was my first time to cook such and I haven’t referred to anyone else’s recipe because I was confident that I can pull it off as easy as cooking ginataang tilapia.  But for my food-critic-hubby, his reaction was - “Ok naman Dear wala lang lasa yung pagi” (translation :  The dish is ok, it’s just that the stingray has no taste), he said with a disappointed and disgusted facial expression that he tried to hide from me.  Whether he liked it or not, he had no choice but to eat it. Then next thing I know, Frederick was already lecturing me on how I should have cooked the stingray.

Well, this post is not about how I cooked the ginataang pagi, it’s how I should have cooked it based on my husband’s suggestions.

I have searched the internet for recipes on ginataang pagi to see if my husband’s suggestions are “ok”.  And from the many recipes I’ve checked, I think my husband knows what he’s talking about :D I have also known that the stingray is supposed to be slimy so they have a special way of cooking it to take out it’s slime.  The stingray I cooked didn’t have that “slimy-mucous” on it.  I didn’t take out the skin, where the sliminess is supposed to come from, nor did I rub it with salt or anything, nor did I cooked it in a special way first to get
rid of it’s slime.  I just cleaned the fish, with skin on, in running water, but I never felt the slime on its skin.  Of course, what I bought is a stingray.  The label on the packet says “STINGRAY”.

And oh, stingray supposed to taste like a mixture of fish and lobster.  Where did that supposed taste go?

Anyway, here’s the recipe of how my husband wants his ginataang pagi to be cooked next time.  Cook it in vinegar first then with coconut milk after.


Stingray – cleaned and cut into serving portions



Salt and pepper




Tomatoes – cut into wedges

Kara coconut cream – 200 ml

Green Sili

Cooking Procedure:

1)      Boil the stingray in vinegar, garlic, onion, salt, and
pepper. Add water just enough to cover half of the stingray. Cook until
most of the liquid evaporated

2)      Saute garlic, onion, and tomatoes and let it simmer for a minute.  Add the coconut milk, ¼ cup water and simmer.

3)      Add the cooked stingray with its remaining liquid. Let it simmer.

4)      Season with fish sauce and pepper.

So the next time I’ll be cooking this dish, I want to look forward to my husband saying “masarap Dear” and his usual “thank you Dear”


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