Thursday, 3 March 2011

Sinigang na Manok sa Kamatis

Stewed chicken with sour soup, Tomatoes being the source of its sour taste.

After the pinangat na isda, I craved for sinigang and since I am on my temporal abstinence from pork right now, and cooking fish again might grow me scales and fins (hhhhhmmm that also means I’d be able to breath underwater. So I would then be able to swim! I’d ponder on that idea later )  Sinigang na manok had been the best alternative.

I cooked this for dinner and I am having it for lunch now.  The thing is, my dish came short of it supposed to be sour taste.  My initial plan is to put kamias or tamarind as souring agents but failed to find any so I settled for the tomatoes.  Maybe I should have used 5-6 tomatoes instead of just 3 pieces.

Nonetheless, I am still posting my unsuccessful recipe for my future reference.


Chicken -  around 800 grams, cut into chunks (skin on)

Onion – 1 large piece, diced

Garlic -  5 cloves, crushed and diced

Ginger – an inch big, crushed and diced

Ripe Tomato – 3 large pieces

* Kangkong (river spinach) – 1 bundle

* String beans – 10 strings or as desired

Horse Radish – 1 piece about a foot long, thinly sliced


Water just enough to cover all the ingredients

Salt and pepper to taste

Vegetable oil for sautéing

* cabbage can also replace the kangkong and string beans. I was planning to add green sili for sinigang but there’s none available at the supermarkets

Cooking Procedure:

1)     Saute the garlic first, then add the onion and ginger.  When the onion becomes almost translucent, add the Chicken cuts.  Let simmer for 5 minutes or until the chicken change in color.  Add the rice wash.  Scoop out the chicken and set aside

2)     Add the tomatoes, salt, and pepper and let boil until the tomatoes are half cooked.

3)     Add the chicken and water (only if the rice wash is not enough to cover all the chicken cuts).  Bring to a boil under medium heat until it’s done.

4)     Add the radish then the string beans and boil for a minute or two then add the kangkong.

5)     Take out from the fire

Serve.  Take photos. Eat



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  2. i just wanna know the calorie of sinigang na manok and pork ..i used lemon instead of sinigang mix or tamarind( tamarind is not available in my country) please tell me how calorie it has... high blood po kc ako and i want to know if i can eat phil. sinigang i know too much salt is bawal alternative i used patis or nampra..

    1. hi :-) use this link to check on the calorie content of your ingredients ( ) if you are particular with calories for the white meat like chicken breast and remove the skin part.

      I use low sodium salt most of the time, patis is also high in sodium. Hope it helps

      For sinigang, you can use any souring agent like lemon, lime, vinegar. Tamarind pulps are also available in Asian stores, you can use that :-)