Thursday, 17 March 2011

Quick Egg & Onion Sandwich Spread

If I am not in the mood to cook for my pack lunch the following day, I
usually settle with sandwiches.  I make sandwich spreads that are easy,
effortless, and quick to prepare, as I have said – not in the mood.

My favourite of all is my egg & egg sandwich spread.  Just boil
the egg, the onions, mix with the mayo then spread on a bread and add
lettuce, and that’s just it. It’s good for a hearty and filling lunch,
and can be eaten on the go :-)

Here’s the recipe for the spread.

Sandwich Spread:

Hard-boiled Eggs – 2 whole, medium

Onion – 1 medium size, chopped

Real mayonnaise – 1 to 2 tbsp


Cooking Procedure:

1)     slice the eggs into small cubes less that ½ of a centimetre in length and width.

2)     Mix all the ingredients then spread on your favourite bread.

The above can make three sandwiches, but if I am the one spreading it
on breads, I can only make 2 J.  To make the sandwich, spread the
filling on a slice of bread top with lettuce then another slice of
bread. There goes the sandwich, quick and easy.


- Sharosem(17March2011)

PS:   my husband always remind me to take it easy on the egg
or  just have a maximum of 2 eggs a week or too much egg is bad for
you. Maybe because an egg (around 45- 5o grams in weight) has an
estimate of 21o mg of cholesterol, 2 g. of saturated fat and 90 calories

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