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Pancit Batil Patong

my pancit batil patong
I’ve been craving for pancit batil patong since wednesday, and having mee goreng or fried yee mee doesn’t seem to provide the same satisfaction. So I cooked batil patong
for lunch today.  The thing is, it was my first time to use fresh noodles which I bought from NTUC and I didn’t expect it to be salty that’s why our batil patong ended up too salty that Kristine and Aba had to eat slices of loaf bread along with it :-(   my bad.

A brief introduction of my favorite pancitPancit batil patong is a comfort food that is common in the Cagayan province and its nearby provinces like Isabela and Kalinga.    Pansit  batil patong refers to a way of cooking pancit,  which might have originated in the town of Tuguegarao in the province of Cagayan.  Batil which means “to beat” and it refers to the egg, and patong which means “to put on top of”.  The main ingredients of this is pancit miki (egg noodles), pork or beef or a mix of both, vegetables (cabbage, carrots, togue, etc.), crispy chicharon bits or lechon.  It comes with a poached or sunny-side-up egg on top, an oily bowl of tasty dark soup, and a side-dish of chopped onions, kalamansi (small lime), soy sauce or fish sauce, and vinegar.    A friend of ours, Santiago Sotto, has his own delicious version of batil patong and Emilia’s panciteria in our town Tabuk also serves this pancit.   My favorite panciteria that offers batil patong and other pancit dishes is the one in Roxas, I can no longer remember the name.  I never fail to drop by at that panciteria whenever I drive home to Tabuk.

Here’s my recipe.  The ingredients for the sauce below is already adjusted and I also included the recipe for the sauce when dried, not-salty noodles are used.


Fresh Round Hokkien noodles – 500 grams, washed and drained

Pork – 400 grams, cut into small pieces

Ground beef – 200 grams

Onion – 1 large bulb, diced

Garlic – 10 cloves, coarsely chopped

Vegetable Ingredients:

Brocolli – as desired

Carrots – 3 medium size, julliened

Snow peas – 100 grams, julliened

Cabbage – as desired

Togue, baguio beans, wom bok, cauliflower, etc. can also be added depending on one’s preference.

Ingredients for the Sauce when using fresh noodles:

Water - 4 cups

Light Soy Sauce – 3/4 cup

Fish Sauce – 1/2 cup


Below is the actual ingredients for the sauce that I cooked which I believe is suitable if dried noodles are used.  Dried noodles usually are not salty, unlike the fresh noodles I used for this recipe:


Ingredients for the Sauce when using 500 grams of dried noodles:

Water - 5 cups

Light Soy Sauce -  1 cup

Fish Sauce – 3/4 cup


Cooking Procedure:

1) Fry the pork.  When its juice and oil comes out, add the ground
beef and fry until the pork turns ligh brown.  Stir-in the garlic then
the onion.  Let it simmer for a minute.

2) Add 2 cups of water, 1/4 cup each of the fish sauce and soy sauce.  Let it simmer until the meat are tender

3) Add the vegetable and let it boil until the vegetable wilts.  Scoop out the meat and vegetables.  Set Aside

4) Add the remaining ingredients for the sauce, let it boil then toss
in the fresh noodles.  Let it simmer until the noodles are cooked.

5) Toss in the cooked meat and vegetables.

Serve with sunnyside-up or poached egg on top and chopped onions and chili in vinegar and soy sauce on the side.  By the way, chopped crispy lechon kawali  or crushed crispy chicharon can be added as toppings.
Chicharon is not available and I just was lazy  to cook lechon kawali that’s why I didn’t include them in my pancit batil patong recipe


PS:  the sodium content of the fresh noodles I used is 688 mg per 125 g. of the noodles:-(  The recommended sodium intake per day for people between the ages 9-50 is 1,500 mg.

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  2. i just research the net and i found this, i really appreciate it. thanks and have a nice day ahead! cheers

  3. My friend from cagayan mentioned this type of pansit to me.. well obviously i really wanted to have a taste of this. thanks for the recipe :D