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Orange Fish Fillet

 Orange fish fillet

I first heard this dish from Dr. Sheldon Cooper of Big Bang Theory,
“orange chicken” as against “tangerine chicken” which is his favorite. I
quoted the conversation on this below:

     Season 1, Episode 17: “The Tangerine Factor”

Leonard: Why are you learning Chinese?

Sheldon: I believe the Szechuan Palace has been passing off orange chicken as tangerine chicken, and I intend to confront them.

Leonard: If I were you, I’d be more concerned with what they’re passing off as chicken

Interesting isn’t it :-) I’ve been watching Big Bang Theory online
for 3 weeks now, it just started in early March this year, from season 1
episode 1 and now, I’m almost done with the first 12 episodes of season
4.  I do a BBT marathon every night tapos BBT marathon ulit pag tanghali sa opisina everyday – nag-aadik ako eh. 

I got curious on the topic so I decided to try one of the dishes just
to know and taste what they are talking about.  I was planning to
experiment on tangerine chicken first to see why is it Sheldon’s
favorite (adik talaga ako)  that he has to learn Chinese just
to confront the restaurant owner about its tangerine chicken.  However, I
wasn’t able to find tangerine at the supermarket so I settled for
Orange Chicken supposedly.  But then again, the chicken fillet we had at
home had not been thawed yet and thawing it would mean a 2 hours at
least of wasted-waiting time and I was already hungry.  Good thing we
still had a pack of sutchi fish fillet, so I decided to use that and
make Orange Fish Fillet instead.

This recipe is based on the Orange chicken recipe I got from website.  I have already adjusted the ingredients based
on what are available in our kitchen as well as the comments from my
sister Kristine and Aba.  Well, they liked my orange fish fillet, they
actually thought they were eating chicken, maybe because my dish doesn’t
have the fishy taste.  They only have one suggestion- make the fillet
crispier and browner!  For me, my first attempt gave a too sweet sauce
so I have to lessen the sugar which I have already revised in this

We had this for supper Thursday last week.  I will try Sheldon’s Tangerine chicken maybe this weekend :-)  We’ll see.


Fish fillet  -  500 g. (cut into bite sizes) I used Sutchi fish fillet

Garlic  – 10 cloves, chopped

Orange Zest – 2 tsp finely minced

white sesame seeds  -  1 tbsp

chili  – as desired

Olive oil for sauteing  - 2 tbsp

Oil for frying

Ingredients for the batter:

All purpose flour  – 120 g

Cornstarch - 60 g

Baking Soda  -  1 tsp

Egg – medium,  1 whole

Water -  1 cup

Salt - 2 tsp


Ingredients for the Orange Sauce:

Freshly squeezed orange juice – 1/2 cup

Water – 1/2 cup

Soy Sauce – 2 tbsp

Rice vinegar or any white vinegar – 2 tbsp

Sugar – 8 tsp

Salt -  1 tsp or to taste


Cornstarch  – 3 tsp to be dissolved in 1/5 cup of water

Cooking Procedure:

1) Mix all ingredients for the batter and set aside.

2) Mix all ingredients for the sauce except for the cornstarch and set aside.

3) Dip fish cuts into batter.  In a deep frying pan, heat oil.  Drop
the battered fish into the hot oil and deep fry it until it turns golden
brown and crispy.  Transfer them on a plate lined with paper towels to
take out the excess oil

4) In a sauce pan, under a low fire, fry the sesame seeds in oil,
stir for a few seconds, add the garlic then the chili.  Continue
stirring for a few minutes.  Adjust the fire to medium

5) Pour the orange sauce and stir continuously until the sauce thickens.

6) Toss in the fried battered fish.  Allow the sauce to cover all.

Dish out and serve with a steamed rice

- Sharosem(19March2011)

PS.  For instructions on how to zest an orange, click here  How to Zest an Orange or Lemon

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