Saturday, 26 March 2011

Lengua (Ox tongue) in Mushroom Sauce

Lengua is the Spanish word for tongue.  Yes, tongue.  For those grossing out with the idea of tongue dishes, tongue is not considered exotic food and in fact tongue is found in many dishes among different cultures worldwide – tongue in English cuisines, tongue taco among Mexicans, tongue in soups for the Chinese, and of course we also have different Filipino recipes for tongues.

Apart from fatty portions of meat that I like so much, I like the liver and tongue as well.  It’s tastier and it’s meat is more tender (when cooked the proper way) and it doesn’t seem to have strands that get caught in between my teeth.

The reason I am posting this recipe is because Aba and Kristine cooked their own version of Lengua in mushroom sauce which I would be posting later and I also want to post
this recipe of mine which I did more than 2 years ago.   Actually I am still savoring the lengua in mushroom sauce that we just had for supper.

The key to a delicious Lengua dish is in the sauce and of course the softness and  tenderness of the tongue itself – I want a melt-in-my-mouth lengua.  The  mushroom sauce I made for this recipe is just the right balance of creaminess, that the little ones will love, and savoriness that does not  cloy.

For the recipe and cooking procedure for the mushroom sauce please click this Mushroom Sauce


Ox Tongue – 2 to 4 pcs.

Water and salt for boiling

Cooking Procedure:

1)      Clean the tongue by scraping it with knife

2)      Place the tongue, water and salt in a pressure cooker and
boil.  Boil the tongue for 30 minutes from the moment the pressure
cooker whistles.  Scoop out, set aside to let it cool.

3)      When the tongue is cool, slice it horizontally into desired thinness.

4)      Heat oil and slightly fry the sliced tongue. Set aside

5)      Pour the mushroom sauce (see Mushroom Sauce for recipe) on top of arranged sliced tongue

Serve with fried rice and coke zero :-)


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