Friday, 18 March 2011

How to Zest an Orange or Lemon


The zest is the rich outermost part of the rind of an orange, lemon,
or other citrus fruits.  In the case of the lemon, it is the yellow part
of the outer peel or the orange part of the outer peel for an orange
fruit.  Zests are usually added to make the flavor, for example an
orange or a lemon, stronger in a dish or food.

I love infusing my chocolates with orange or lemon flavor, but using
artificial flavoring is not always advisable.  The best alternative is
to get flavors from actual fresh oranges or lemons using the fruits’

How to zest an orange or lemon perhaps?  Well, there are fine graters
or zesters available in supermarkets or department stores or stores
that sells cookwares. But for those who doesn’t have any zester, you can
still make a zest out of citrus fruits.  Here’s how:

1) a thin, flexible, and sharp knife is needed.

2) scrub and rinse well the lemon or the orange or any citrus food you want to zest.  Dry it well after.

3) With the knife, peel out the skin of the citrus fruit as thin as
possible avoiding to include the white pith of the fruit. If there is a
white showing on the underside, that means to say that you have peeled
too deep and you need to remove the pith otherwise this will give an
unwanted bitter flavor on your dish instead of the supposed orange or
lemon taste you want.

4) After peeling the zest, you can chop it or just live it as strips depending on how your recipe requires it

There goes the zest :-)  Easy does it?


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