Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Ginataang Tilapia with Endive Leaves

The title means Tilapia fish with endive leaves cooked in coconut milk.  And that’s what I have for lunch today

Haven’t I mentioned that I love ginataan? Laing, ginataang isda, ginataang manok, ginataang baboy, ginataan hipon, ginataang gulay, and anything and everything that’s cooked with coconut milk.  From my mama to my papa to my sisters to me, we love ginataan.  An all time favorite of ours are ginataang hito, ginataang gabi with lots of pork meat and fried tilapia on the side, ginataang tilapia, and ginataang kalabasa and sitaw with lots of pork or with fried bangus.  (that makes me hungry)  By the way, we are not Bicolanos

Here’s my way of cooking ginataang tilapia, I hopeFrederickwill like this.


 Tilapia – 2 large pieces, cut into 2-3 pcs each

Ripe Tomatoes – 2 large pieces, coarsely sliced

Onions – 1 large

Garlic – 10 cloves, crushed and chopped coarsely

Ginger – 1 inch, crushed and diced

Coconut milk – 100 ml (I used the kara brand)

Fish sauce – to taste

Salt and pepper to taste


Endive leaves – as many as you want.  Pechay leaves (bok choy) can also be used

 Cooking Procedure:

 1)     Place the tomatoes, onions, ginger, garlic, fish sauce, salt and pepper, and water (enough to cover the ingredients), on the sauce pan the let it boil.

2)     Arrange the tilapia on top and add water making sure that half of the tilapia’s body is covered. Add the coconut milk. Let it simmer under medium fire.

Tilapia fish being sold inSingaporeare usually large

3)     Add more seasoning when necessary.

4)     Turn of the fire when the fish is cooked.  Then add the endive leaves.  .  Add jalapeno if you wish

Ginataang Tilapia with endive for lunch

This reminds me of our family lunches and suppers over ginataang hito ot tilapia. I really miss home.

-          Sharosem(1March2011) 12.19pm

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