Monday, 28 February 2011

Pinangat na sinigang na Bangus

Why the title?  Well Aba(my sister Kristine bf) calls it pinangat though it taste like sinigang with a mild sour taste.  When asked why, he said because they call it as it is in his hometown.  He’s Bulacaneo. Well, I think they name dishes base on the ingredients.  They may have a different set of ingredients for the sinigang that’s why he doesn’t want to call it sinigang .

Whatever they call it, it was delicious.  I’m planning to cook the same forFrederickso I made a list of the ingredients and how it was cooked and here it is:


Bangus (Milk fish) – 1 whole (around 500 g)




ripe tomatoes – 2 large sizes

pepper corns - to taste

salt  - to taste

knorr sinigang mix

cabbage and other vegetables of your choice

Cooking Procedure:

1) Clean and cut the bangus into 4- 5 pieces.

2) Place all the ingredients except the bangus, vegetables and sinigang mix in a pot. add water of around 500 ml.  Let it boil

3) Put the bangus inside the pot along with the sinigang mix.  Let boil.

4) Add the vegetables when the fish is almost cooked.

5) Add more seasoning if needed.

I am having this for lunch now

Next time, I will change the sinigang mix with tamarind or kamias for a more nutritious dish with a natural sour taste.

- Sharosem(28February2011)

Pinangat na sinigang na bangus ni Aba

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