Saturday, 26 February 2011

Giniling na Baboy: Quick & Simple

I’ve been craving for arroz ala cubana for days now.  I have all the ingredients needed from ground pork, raisins, potatoes, carrots, etc., the only thing missing is the saging na saba.  The store at the hawker always runs out of stock everytime I go there to buy.  So, in short, I haven’t had the chance to cook aroz ala cubana because of the absence of saging na saba.  I want my aroz ala cubana complete, giniling na baboy, fried saging na saba, and the sunny-side-up egg plus hot steamed white rice,  It can’t be it if one is missing.

Then one Friday,Abacooked giniling na baboy the most simple and easy way I could imagine and it turned out great.  I like it even more if it was microwaved or heated for the n’th time as the ground pork and the rest of the ingredients becomes crunchier, and the flavor becomes more pronounced.  Of course I love the fact that it becomes more oily.  The oil is just perfect on a steamed white rice.  Yummy really.

I got the recipe, well the ingredients from Abaso I could try it next time.  As he cooks tantiya-tantiya style (estimating on the measurement)  I will try to fill in the exact measurement when I cook.  I just hope that I can achieve the same taste as he did.

By the way, this require simple ingredients and simple cooking methods and it will only take less than an hour to prepare and cook it.


Ground Pork (mixture of lean meat and fat) – 250 grams

Potatos, finely chopped – 1 large size

Carrot, finely chopped – 1 medium size

Garlic, finely chopped – 6 cloves

Onion, finely chopped – 1 medium bulb

Sweet Sauce

vegetable oil

Salt and pepper to taste

Cooking Procedure:

1) Saute’ the garlic then the onion in oil. Add the ground pork when the onion becomes translucent.  Let the ground pork simmer for 2 minutes

2) Add the potato, and the seasonings, stir.

3) Let the ingredients simmer until all the water evaporates leaving only the oil.

4) Stir the mixture and let it fry.  turn off the heat when the ground pork turns almost brown.

Serve with steamed white rice.  Try to leave some and reheat it again and again, the pork will be crunchier and tastier


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