Friday, 15 October 2010

Ramen Friday

It's Friday! :-(  but it's not the best day of the week for now coz I have to go to work tomorrow :-( (sigh)

Nonetheless it’s still Friday and it's ramen day.  Thanks to Aba who brought home 2 large containers of cooked beef ramen he bought from a hawker food stall near their office.

I love ramen.  That’s one noodle dish I always enjoyed during my trips to Japan.  and the last time I had an authentic Japanese ramen was on my last trip to Wakayama, Japan 6 years ago.  It’s that long!  So I was excited and had been looking forward to the ramen experience all day, crossing my fingers, including my toes, that it won’t be a letdown. Can’t wait to tonight, I even bought coke zero and prepared siomai for our ramen dinner

Ramen time!  Here’s the ramen.   It looks so appetizing.  It contains thinly sliced beef, a few pieces of lettuce leaves, thinly sliced carrots, and an egg (the egg was dropped on the soup while it’s still hot and the heat of the soup cooked the egg).  The noodles however are overcooked which is not surprising because the noodle had been packed for take away while the soup is still boiling hot.

[caption id="attachment_966" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="ramen? NOT ramen"][/caption]

Hhhhhmmmmm something’s odd, at first glance this looks like a typical Singapore-chinese noodle or laksa because of it’s orange color and oh, it also looks like La paz batchoy.  AND where are the seaweeds. I’m used to ramen on miso soup or beef/pork broth with floating seaweeds and from my experience, the secret to a good ramen is really on the soup, the noodles come in next.

This is not ramen, or say, this is not the Japanese ramen that I was expecting.  The soup taste like a fusion of Chinese-Thai-malay taste, not salty, somewhat sweet, a bit sour, and with mild hotness to the taste, which I still find acceptable and delectable, AS another Singapore noodle dish BUT not as ramen because this is NOT ramen (sigh)

Well, you wouldn’t expect to get an authentic ramen at SG$ 3.50 per bowl in a hawker food store that claims to serve Korean food, would you?

Anyone has had authentic Japanese ramen here in Singapore at an affordable price?  Please don’t suggest pricey restaurants ok?

-Sharosem (15October2010)

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