Saturday, 4 September 2010

So this is Carlsberg?

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How can Carlsberg beer "Probably the best beer in the world"? How can anyone even think of it as a good beer?

Needed a bit of a booze last Friday night so my sister Kristine and I decided to check nearby groceries for a vodka or tequila (drinking alcohol is better done at home!) Off we go, only to find out that there are none available (we are looking for smirnoff or absolute or bacardi or tequila maybe).  There are wines, red and white and some flavored sparkling juices/ drinks which doesn’t seem to fall on our definition of “a booze”.  So we end up buying beer- Carlsberg per se.

Carlsberg is a Danish brand lager.  It is one of the cheapest imported beers in Singapore.  And now we know the reason why:

1)     It doesn’t taste like beer. It taste more like of water with a bitter flavor.  Though the bitterness is not all that bad as it doesn’t linger long on the palate but then again you have to maybe gulp straight and continuously, without breathing, 3 or more cans to get that supposedly beer taste. 

2)     Drinking Carlsberg makes you feel bloated, that’s the other bad part here,   like you drink water with lots and lots of air then somebody placed a stopper in your ass that prevents you from farting and you end up burping out those supposedly air-farts coupled by some gastric juices.  

3)     It’s suppose to be an alcohol drink but we can’t seem to feel “the alcohol effect”.  We had 3 cans of 500ml of Carlsberg each and still “awan epekto”. So if you want to drink to get drank, never ever have a Carlsberg.    

Well, we just wasted SGD 4.95 per can on a bitter-flavored-yellow-liquid that claims to be a beer.  Worst part is, I gained 591 calories ( one 500 ml of Carlsberg is equivalent to 197 kcal)

-Sharosem (4September2010)

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  1. Carlsberg or "Cberg" as I refer to it (: isn't a favorite of mine either but in all honesty, I will pick this first before Heineken. I like Heineken, but Cberg just doesn't have that skunky flavor and some days that is a good thing.