Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Sakae Sushi

Sakae Sushi is a Japanese sushi bar with several branches here in Singapore and also in Manila.  They offer sushis that are served on plates that move around on a conveyor belt from the kitchen to the customers dining tables.  Sushis are place on different colored plates, but those in the red plates are priced higher around ($5/plate).  Sashimis are usually served by the service crews. So your final bill depends entirely on how many plates of sushis and sashimis you can devour plus of course additional charges on the noodles and soup you ordered plus the drinks. 

My husband and I had dined at different branches of Sakae sushi maybe once or twice.  The last time I've eaten there was a few months back with my sister Kristine.  We usually go to the branch where buffet is offered and most of the time we have sushi buffet.  Sushi buffet is all-you-can-eat sushi.  My husband doesn't really like it since he get's tummy-full easily because of the rice.  Sushi buffet is more of eating stacks and stacks of rice and just a handful of fish toppings.  And for Frederick, he dreaded the experience of force-feeding yourself with rice.  So rather than enjoying the sushi we find it as a burden. Besides there is nothing exceptional and extra-ordinary about their sushis. Comparing it with Saisaki (A Japanese buffet restaurant in the Philippines) the chefs at saisaki are more creative with their sushis.

For me, my husband Frederick, and my sister Kristine, paying almost $30 per person for a sushi buffet at sakae sushi is not worth it.  We'd better cook a gallon full of rice and buy fresh salmons and tuna, and make sushi at home. That will only cost us less than $30 all in all.

If you want to spend $30 on a Japanese-accented sushi buffet, go on have a shot at it.  Just don't come back and say I didn't warn you.

Oh by the way, the last time I ate there, I puked my guts out.  So Kristine and I promised that we won't go back to sakae sushi ever again.

- foodformylove(20September2010)

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