Friday, 8 May 2015

How to Fix a Salty Dish

So you put too much salt on your special recipe.  It's a disaster!   Quit worrying!  There are always quick-fixes available  for everything and anything including an over-salted dish.

1) For most people, adding more water will do a good job.  It will.  BUT, unless you add more of the other ingredients, your dish will become disastrously bland and flavorless.

2) To correct a salty soup, just add some chunks of potatoes.  make the chunks big enough so you can remove them after.   Heat the soup for 15-30 minutes to slowly cook the potatoes.  The potatoes will absord the salt as it cooks. Discard the potatoes afterwards if you don't want it in your dish.

3) You may also add a sweet and sour taste in order to mask the salty taste.  Add a dash of sugar and a teaspoon of lemon or lime or vinegar.  Use small amounts as you test your dish for the taste, try balancing the amount of sugar and lemon/lime/vinegar until you achieve the right taste.

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