Friday, 16 October 2009

Banana Que (Fried Banana with Caramelized Sugar)

Banana que is a comfort snack for most Filipinos specially those in the provinces.  It has also became a popular street food in cities like in Manila.  During my childhood, our Lola Paring will cook banana que and when I am capable of cooking, I also cook banana que for our afternoon snack (we get our bananas fresh from our own banana tree in our own backyard) During my college days in UP Diliman, I often snack on banana que. Banana ques are sold by the streetvendors and the "manangs" who go around the campus.

Banana ques are fried bananas, the saba variety is used, coated with caramelized sugar. The "que" actually refers to how it is presented because the bananas are string together on a bamboo skewer like most barbecues.  I like my banana que to be socculent inside.  I hate tough skinned nor the soggy fried banana.  And I want it coated with lots and lots and lots of caramelized sugar :-)

Here's a very simple way of cooking banana que.  Don't be disappointed if you can't find any bamboo skewers.  Just use your fork to pick up the banana que.  By the way, always choose the banana that you are going to use.  DO NOT USE over-ripe bananas (you'll end up with a soggy banana que) nor the under-ripe ones (you'll get a tough one) AND make sure that you deep-fry the bananas to get a socculent banana que.


Banana (saba) - number of pieces to cook will depend on how many you have

Cooking Oil - enough to cover all of the bananas to be fried

Sugar (brown or white will do) - as desired

Bamboo Skewers - (optional)

Cooking Procedure:

1) Remove the bananas from its cover.  You can slice it in halves or leave it as is.

2) In a frying pan, heat the oil.  When the oil starts to smoke, drop the bananas and fry.

3) When the bananas turned slightly brown, add the sugar and continue stirring until the sugar caramelized and covers the bananas.

4) Scoop out the fried bananas fully covered with caramelized sugar.  Drain.

If you have the bamboo skewers, string 2 bananas together.  Otherwise, serve it on a plate with a fork :-) enjoy


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